Apple tar bort Kimi Piracy App


Apple Pulls Popular Movie Piracy App Kimi från App Store

Apple Pulls Popular Movie Piracy App Kimi från App Store

Apple has recently removed the popular movie piracy app Kimi from its App Store. The app allowed users to stream and download movies for free without the proper licensing or permissions, which violates copyright laws.

After receiving multiple complaints from copyright holders and organizations, Apple took swift action to remove the app from its platform. This move is in line with Apple’s strict policies against piracy and copyright infringement.

Users who have already downloaded the Kimi app are advised to delete it from their devices and refrain from using it in the future to avoid potential legal repercussions. Apple is committed to maintaining a safe and legal marketplace for all users and content creators.

It is important to respect copyright laws and support the creators and artists who work hard to produce the content we enjoy. Using pirated apps or websites not only harms these creators but also puts users at risk of malware and other cyber threats.

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